Formation of 442 RCT 79 years ago

The formation of the 442 RCT 79 years ago on January 28 1943 marked the start of a remarkable story. The performance of the 100th Battalion influenced the volunteer response. So did the desire to show loyalty. And so the number of volunteers who answered the call from the US Army was nearly tenfold the requirement.Continue reading “Formation of 442 RCT 79 years ago”

Welcome back to travel in 2021

Well, we may not just yet welcome back travel, but the possibility is becoming more real again. The first month of 2021 has passed, having brought the anticipated second – and in some cases third – wave of infections due to increased social contact over the holiday season. Depending on where you live, you mayContinue reading “Welcome back to travel in 2021”

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day in 2020 This Remembrance Day is unlike any other one. Normally, on Remembrance Sunday we see hundreds of Veterans parade down Whitehall in London. They lay wreaths by the Cenotaph, in honour of their fallen comrades. Due to the current Covid restrictions and lockdown measures, that obviously did not happen this time around.Continue reading “Remembrance Day”

Armistice in Italy 77 years ago

The Armistice in Italy was signed on 3 September 1943. While it was signed on the 3rd, the proclamation was postponed for an additional 5 days, until the 8th of September. Conditions for and of the Armistice Under its conditions Italian armed forces were to cease all hostile activities immediately; The Germans were to beContinue reading “Armistice in Italy 77 years ago”


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