2020 – Out with the Old, in with the New Year

As we have reached the end of the year, it is customary to have a look back at the main events that makes each year different from the previous… Nothing new… 2020 certainly has no comparison in living memory. The last global pandemic, the Spanish flu, raged across continents over 100 years ago. Those whoContinue reading “2020 – Out with the Old, in with the New Year”

Pearl Harbor: How I experienced it

“Remember Pearl Harbor” 79 years ago, on 7 December 1941 just before 8 am local time, the United States was all of a sudden and without warning thrown into WW2. In just 2 hours, a raid by the Japanese air force wreaked havoc on the American fleet at anchor in Pearl Harbor. Preceding the declarationContinue reading “Pearl Harbor: How I experienced it”

Armistice in Italy 77 years ago

The Armistice in Italy was signed on 3 September 1943. While it was signed on the 3rd, the proclamation was postponed for an additional 5 days, until the 8th of September. Conditions for and of the Armistice Under its conditions Italian armed forces were to cease all hostile activities immediately; The Germans were to beContinue reading “Armistice in Italy 77 years ago”


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