75th Anniversary Nisei Tour of France  - L'Escarene parade
75th Anniversary Tour group participating in the parade at L’Escarene, France

Nisei tours taking you to the areas where the 100th/442nd fought during World War 2 in Italy and France.

To personally see the rugged terrain the Nisei soldiers endured is mind-boggling.  Hearing stories of the determination, bravery and sacrifice of the 100th/442nd is inspirational.  What is being done to preserve the story is incredible.  Future generations need to hear, understand and appreciate the tenacity and bravery of the Japanese-American soldiers. 

Patty Sato

75th Anniversary Nisei Tour 2019 - Sagami Monument

The Vosges – France

The Vosges in North-Eastern France was the stage for the 100th/442nd’s most famous engagement: the rescue of the Lost Battalion.

From the Battle of Bruyères through Biffontaine and surrounding areas, experience the Nisei’s gruelling efforts to free the men of the 1/141 I.R.

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75th Anniversary Nisei Tour France 2019 - Sospel school monument

Champagne Campaign – France

After the Vosges, the assignment to guard 12 miles of Franco-Italian border in the Maritime Alps seemed easy, earning it the deceitfully pleasant nickname.

Join to relive the kids Christmas party in L’Escarène and see the school yard that pays homage to 2 fallen Nisei soldiers in Sospel.

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Nisei Study Tour 2015 - Castle Hill Montecassino

Road to Rome – Italy

From the landings at Salerno the 100th made their way across rivers and plains, up hills and through towns towards the formidable Winter and Gustav Lines.

By the end of the Battle for Montecassino the original 100th was no more and the “Purple Heart Battalion” would be reinforced with replacements from the 442nd RCT.

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Advance to the Arno

Rome to the Arno – Italy

Now joined, the 100th/442nd engaged in their first mission together, the Battle of Belvedere.

Pushing north towards Livorno, the Nisei had to get past Hill 140, a.k.a. “Little Cassino”. Soon after crossing the Arno river, the unit was pulled back and sent to Naples, where they boarded ships for France.

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Breaking the Gothic Line jump-off point 2019

Breaking the Gothic Line – Italy

In March 1945, the Nisei found themselves back in Italy, staring at the saw-toothed Appenine mountains. For 9 months, the Germans had been building the Gothic Line to stave off the Allied’s access to the Po Valley beyond.

In what started as a divisionary action, the Nisei moved under cover of darkness to take the hill masses of Georgia, Florida, Ohio 1, 2 and 3 and Folgorito and effectively brake through the Gothic Line.

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Breaking the Gothic Line - Tendola

Po Valley Campaign – Italy

The 100th/442nd kept taking towns as they pushed further northeast through the Appenines. Places like Pietrasanta, Azzano and Tendola still honor their memory.

Only when the Aulla road junction was under Nisei control, did the Germans surrender and lay the road to Italy’s industrialised North open.

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Arigato gozaimashita for an absolutely memorable and lifechanging adventure into the pathway of the 100th/442nd in France!

— Larry & Anne Oda

Mahalo for all you did.

— June & Roger Kobayashi

On behalf of the Sagami family I, we, want to thank you. Your knowledge of the history of the 100th/442nd made the trip special.

— Lindsey Sagami

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