This blog is dedicated to the presence of the 100th/442nd on the battlefields of France and Italy in WW2.

Dedicated tours for Nisei families launched with first trip

The first dedicated tour for Nisei families and friends since the pandemic “officially” launched Nisei Legacy Tours. “This trip has been in the making for a long time and it better not disappoint!” I thought. I was sitting in the hotel lobby, waiting for the group to gather. The “regulars” didn’t worry me so much.Continue reading “Dedicated tours for Nisei families launched with first trip”

Return to travel… finally

A window to return to travel and explore the battlefields again finally opened up. After many months stuck at home, Europe slowly started to open up to allow some recovery of the tourism sector for the summer season. The importance of tourism for especially the southern European countries cannot be overstated. But that doesn’t meanContinue reading “Return to travel… finally”

Finding treasure: the importance of private archives

Private archives can offer both great insight past events as well as the impact of those events on personal circumstances. The ever-increasing frequency of obituaries makes it undeniable that we are fast losing our Nisei veterans. With them, we also lose our immediate access to more information about their experiences during WW2. There are plentyContinue reading “Finding treasure: the importance of private archives”

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day in 2020 This Remembrance Day is unlike any other one. Normally, on Remembrance Sunday we see hundreds of Veterans parade down Whitehall in London. They lay wreaths by the Cenotaph, in honour of their fallen comrades. Due to the current Covid restrictions and lockdown measures, that obviously did not happen this time around.Continue reading “Remembrance Day”

Battlefield tours and travelling in pandemic times

Any report on travel and tourism, including battlefield tours, has been rather gloomy lately. Headlines keep throwing out big numbers in jobs and revenue lost. The impact of coronavirus on the tourism industry is extreme, even in places that have so far gotten away relatively unscathed. Not that an inveterate traveller like me needs anContinue reading “Battlefield tours and travelling in pandemic times”


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