80th Anniversary – The 100th lands in Italy

September 2023 will mark the 80th anniversary of the “original” 100th Bn landing on the beaches around Salerno, Italy. Shipping out The men of the Hawaiian Provisional Infantry Battalion left the islands for the mainland in June of 1942. Upon arrival in California, they were renamed the 100th Infantry Battalion. Not assigned to a largerContinue reading “80th Anniversary – The 100th lands in Italy”

What a difference a year makes

What a difference with last December! Looking back… A year ago, we had come to the end of two years of on/off travel restrictions. And just when it looked like things were finally picking up again, Omicron and war in Ukraine threw us another curve ball. The forced stay-at-home period did bring some advantages though.Continue reading “What a difference a year makes”

Formation of 442 RCT 79 years ago

The formation of the 442 RCT 79 years ago on January 28 1943 marked the start of a remarkable story. The performance of the 100th Battalion influenced the volunteer response. So did the desire to show loyalty. And so the number of volunteers who answered the call from the US Army was nearly tenfold the requirement.Continue reading “Formation of 442 RCT 79 years ago”

Get ready to travel in 2022!

Are you ready to travel in 2022? Out with the old year… As 2021 draws to a close, I want to thank you for your support this year. You have given me the needed push to look beyond another non-travel year. Reading our blog and FB posts, referring friends with travel plans to us andContinue reading “Get ready to travel in 2022!”

2022: 100th/442nd return to Europe

Finally the tide seems to be turning! Soon, families of those who fought with the 100th/442nd return to Europe. After 2 missed seasons – granted, 2021 isn’t over yet, but unlikely to see a big upturn in travel – it brings a great sense of relief that change finally seems to be forthcoming! Our inboxContinue reading “2022: 100th/442nd return to Europe”

Welcome back to travel in 2021

Well, we may not just yet welcome back travel, but the possibility is becoming more real again. The first month of 2021 has passed, having brought the anticipated second – and in some cases third – wave of infections due to increased social contact over the holiday season. Depending on where you live, you mayContinue reading “Welcome back to travel in 2021”


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