Finding treasure: the importance of private archives

Private archives can offer both great insight past events as well as the impact of those events on personal circumstances. The ever-increasing frequency of obituaries makes it undeniable that we are fast losing our Nisei veterans. With them, we also lose our immediate access to more information about their experiences during WW2. There are plentyContinue reading “Finding treasure: the importance of private archives”

Welcome back to travel in 2021

Well, we may not just yet welcome back travel, but the possibility is becoming more real again. The first month of 2021 has passed, having brought the anticipated second – and in some cases third – wave of infections due to increased social contact over the holiday season. Depending on where you live, you mayContinue reading “Welcome back to travel in 2021”

2020 – Out with the Old, in with the New Year

As we have reached the end of the year, it is customary to have a look back at the main events that makes each year different from the previous… Nothing new… 2020 certainly has no comparison in living memory. The last global pandemic, the Spanish flu, raged across continents over 100 years ago. Those whoContinue reading “2020 – Out with the Old, in with the New Year”

Pearl Harbor: How I experienced it

“Remember Pearl Harbor” 79 years ago, on 7 December 1941 just before 8 am local time, the United States was all of a sudden and without warning thrown into WW2. In just 2 hours, a raid by the Japanese air force wreaked havoc on the American fleet at anchor in Pearl Harbor. Preceding the declarationContinue reading “Pearl Harbor: How I experienced it”

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day in 2020 This Remembrance Day is unlike any other one. Normally, on Remembrance Sunday we see hundreds of Veterans parade down Whitehall in London. They lay wreaths by the Cenotaph, in honour of their fallen comrades. Due to the current Covid restrictions and lockdown measures, that obviously did not happen this time around.Continue reading “Remembrance Day”

The best time of the year to travel

What IS the best time of the year to travel? Well, the answer to that question of course depends largely on where you want to go and what you like to do on your holiday. Unless you have school-aged kids however, chances are that you avoid the summer peak months. So that leaves spring, fallContinue reading “The best time of the year to travel”

Armistice in Italy 77 years ago

The Armistice in Italy was signed on 3 September 1943. While it was signed on the 3rd, the proclamation was postponed for an additional 5 days, until the 8th of September. Conditions for and of the Armistice Under its conditions Italian armed forces were to cease all hostile activities immediately; The Germans were to beContinue reading “Armistice in Italy 77 years ago”

Battlefield tours and travelling in pandemic times

Any report on travel and tourism, including battlefield tours, has been rather gloomy lately. Headlines keep throwing out big numbers in jobs and revenue lost. The impact of coronavirus on the tourism industry is extreme, even in places that have so far gotten away relatively unscathed. Not that an inveterate traveller like me needs anContinue reading “Battlefield tours and travelling in pandemic times”

Why WW2 still should matter to younger generations

WW2 finished 75 years ago, before most of the Sansei were born and certainly before any of the Yonsei were around. So why should WW2 still matter to younger generations? The centenary of WW1 has seen an upturn in interest over the past 4 years, but we rarely spend a lot of time on otherContinue reading “Why WW2 still should matter to younger generations”

Why people are talking about past anniversary tours

2019 was a big year for World War 2 related anniversary dates and commemorations of events that took place in 1944 and 2020 would have seen even larger gatherings to remember the end of the war in 1945. The impact of the corona virus pandemic worldwide decided otherwise. 75th Anniversary tours Last year, several tourContinue reading “Why people are talking about past anniversary tours”


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