Dedicated tours for Nisei families launched with first trip

The first dedicated tour for Nisei families and friends since the pandemic “officially” launched Nisei Legacy Tours. “This trip has been in the making for a long time and it better not disappoint!” I thought. I was sitting in the hotel lobby, waiting for the group to gather. The “regulars” didn’t worry me so much.Continue reading “Dedicated tours for Nisei families launched with first trip”

Different travel experience

No longer limited to local trips, running tours again sure counts as a different travel experience. After a 2-year hiatus that saw the entire travel and hospitality industry come to a halt, it finally has all come to life again. Being back on tour is a great feeling and I haven’t stopped smiling yet sinceContinue reading “Different travel experience”

Formation of 442 RCT 79 years ago

The formation of the 442 RCT 79 years ago on January 28 1943 marked the start of a remarkable story. The performance of the 100th Battalion influenced the volunteer response. So did the desire to show loyalty. And so the number of volunteers who answered the call from the US Army was nearly tenfold the requirement.Continue reading “Formation of 442 RCT 79 years ago”

Get ready to travel in 2022!

Are you ready to travel in 2022? Out with the old year… As 2021 draws to a close, I want to thank you for your support this year. You have given me the needed push to look beyond another non-travel year. Reading our blog and FB posts, referring friends with travel plans to us andContinue reading “Get ready to travel in 2022!”

The travel industry is a changed landscape

The world of travel is becoming “a real thing” again. It feels good to start preparing tours for 2022! Domestic travel Now that travel is starting to open up again, it feels exciting to send off for hotel quotes and contact museums for group visits. But in the in the course of the past 2Continue reading “The travel industry is a changed landscape”

Travel on hold for another season?

Travel across Europe is possible again, but with some limitations. For long-haul travel, the limitations are still more extensive. And so, the long-awaited shift from just dreaming about the next trip to actually going is still a little ways off. The summer season is drawing to a close. Normally, the month of September sees aContinue reading “Travel on hold for another season?”

Return to travel… finally

A window to return to travel and explore the battlefields again finally opened up. After many months stuck at home, Europe slowly started to open up to allow some recovery of the tourism sector for the summer season. The importance of tourism for especially the southern European countries cannot be overstated. But that doesn’t meanContinue reading “Return to travel… finally”

2022: 100th/442nd return to Europe

Finally the tide seems to be turning! Soon, families of those who fought with the 100th/442nd return to Europe. After 2 missed seasons – granted, 2021 isn’t over yet, but unlikely to see a big upturn in travel – it brings a great sense of relief that change finally seems to be forthcoming! Our inboxContinue reading “2022: 100th/442nd return to Europe”

Honouring the fallen from a distance for the second year running

Honouring the fallen makes this time of the year normally quite a busy period with commemorations. The end of May sees Memorial Day in the US. A week later, on 5 June, the Liberation of Rome took place. And only a day later the Allied landings on the beaches of Normandy changed Europe’s fate. ForContinue reading “Honouring the fallen from a distance for the second year running”

The Gothic Line as a Battlefield Brand

In April 1945 the Allied troops broke through the Gothic Line. The 75th anniversary of the Liberation of Italy was set to commemorate all the sacrifices made. Unfortunately, the pandemic meant an abrupt end to all the planned celebrations. Changing travel expectations As we eagerly await the resumption of travel, thoughts inevitably turn to howContinue reading “The Gothic Line as a Battlefield Brand”


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