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Resting place of Noboru Miyoko – Florence American Cemetery

Tracing family history is a very moving experience. We customize the itineraries in order to allow guests time at sites with additional meaning to them.

Some frequently asked questions about our tours

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Why are there no prices listed for the tours?

The tour cost varies, depending on a number of variables: firstly, the size of the group and the length of the tour, but also the time of year, the standard of accommodation, and lastly, inclusions like meals and museums, etc.

We want to be flexible so that we make the tours suitable for as many people as possible.

Why are there no dates for the tours?

We are not a travel agent with a big marketing budget to promote random departures.

We work strictly on demand, but that means everyone can travel when it suits them best!

Does that mean I can only travel if I bring my own group?

Not necessarily! While bringing your own group means the trip is certain to go ahead, we can help you find people to join your tour. In this case, it won’t be guaranteed to run until a required number of people have signed up.

However, you may be surprised how quickly you can find the desired number of people among your own family and friends! Just let them know what you are planning and pesto, you have yourself a small group.

Words cannot adequately describe the experiences of our Italian trip.  Thank you Nora and Stu for a very special tour that exceeded our expectations.

Patty Sato

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